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What You Will Learn: 
Profit From Disruption and Change
Know what's next
We begin by examining the difference between Hard Trends (which will always happen) and Soft Trends (may or may not happen) and why their distinction is so important to your strategic agility.  
develop opportunities
With recent advances in technology, the possibilities for innovation and disruption have never been greater. You can become a billionaire out of your garage if you can see what's coming.
accelerate success
Now that you've learned how to analyze current trends and find lucrative opportunities, you are ready to turn strategic disruption into your ultimate financial advantage.
The Anticipatory Organization teaches you how to elevate your planning based on the Hard Trends that are shaping the future, and how to accelerate your results. It is a must read for any organization that is experiencing increased competition and an uncertain future.
Former DoD CIO, EVP Samsung Electronics
The Anticipatory Organization provides a compelling methodology to enable each of us to identify future trends and meaningful opportunities in a time of hyper change. Simple in its approach, yet truly transformational in its results.
Head of Global Strategy, EPSON Cloud/Epson America 
The Anticipatory Organization teaches you how to accelerate growth by jumping ahead of the competition with low risk. It’ s a must-read for anyone who wants an edge on tomorrow.
Original Member of ABC's Shark Tank 
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